Missionary Progressive

At GlobalROAR, we welcome both new missionaries and seasoned mission veterans to join with us. We have a serving, sending structure that places local church-based missionaries worldwide with recommended country leaders, senior missionaries, and nationals who have a focus on church planting especially in unreached areas. We are also able to help the field missionary with securing initial visas and airfare, setting a field budget, monthly support administration, sending newsletters to supporters, field emergencies, and itineration for Associate and Senior Missionaries.

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2 months

An Internship on the field occurs during the last two months of training at theROAR-U.S. or as the first field experience you have following your training at an approved Bible School. The Intern serves with one of our Senior Missionaries and learns the valuable principles of adapting to a different culture, learning basic conversational phrases, helping with outreach, and assisting with a local church plant in another country. Following their two months of serving, the Intern is able to return home to raise support for their Apprentice year.

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9 - 12 months

An Apprenticeship is a 9 -12 month period of service on the field for the missionary who is just starting out. Apprentices are placed on the field with a proven Senior Missionary and serve in a variety of ways according to the needs on the field and ministry giftings of the Apprentice. They will attend language school part-time and assist with outreach and ministries in the local church plant. Support is given by the home church, family, and friends of the Apprentice.

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2 - 5 years

An Associate Missionary, much like an Associate Pastor, serves with a Senior Missionary in a multitude of ways. During this stage, an Associate is given more responsibility as they have readily adjusted to life on the field, the culture, and language. Some serve for two - five years on a team before being eligible to lead a team themselves. Others remain an Associate Missionary for the duration of their time on the field, preferring to assist rather than lead. An Associate Missionary is able to itinerate within a larger network of churches in their home area as well as raise support from their local church, family, and friends. 



A Senior Missionary is a proven team leader and church planter. Most sense a life-time call to the nations. At this stage, they have a growing local church on the field, are training national leaders (perhaps directing a ROAR school in their country), and are pioneering into the Unreached People Groups in their nation. They are able to openly itinerate among networking churches, and special projects are eligible to receive priority funding.