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Tuition Residential

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Tuition & Fees



$ 50 Application/Orientation fees

$ 800 Travel Deposit ($500 toward the mission internship/$300 toward the NRP Conference in January of the school year)

$2100 Tuition (payable at $300/month for seven months)

$ 350 Textbooks (payable at $50/month for seven months)

$ 175 Meal Expense ($25/month for seven months)

$ 350 Mission Labs (payable at $50/month for seven months)

$ 100 Fall Retreat

$ 50 Graduation fee

$3975 Total

Students will raise the cost of their overseas mission internship through the support of their local church, family, friends, and team fundraisers.


Out-of-town, full-time students attending theROAR may live with host families of Living Stones Church. The cost of rent (and some food) will be approximately $1400 for the seven months of academic study, payable at $200/month. The school office will assist students with finding host families that would match their needs.