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Residential Int'l

The residential training school is set up in a nine-month format with eight months of academic terms and a several weeks of practical field internship. Residential ROAR graduates who complete all requirements earn an Associate Degree in Christian Ministry or Intercultural Studies.

Each term, six courses are completed with a progressive ministry focus including studying Old and New Testament Bible Survey. A Friday morning extended prayer/worship time is planned followed by a practical ministry lab (such as evangelism training, English lessons, guitar, computer proficiency, etc.). Friday afternoon, students participate in weekly outreach.


Semester 1

  • Week 1 is an Orientation Week with Blitz classes taught by U.S. faculty.

  • Term 1: Intro to Ministry

  • Term 2: Life of Prayer

  • Term 3: Disciplines of the Christian Life

  • Term 4: Theology

  • A week of holiday is added.


Semester 2

  • Week 1 is a Blitz class week with classes taught by U.S. faculty.

  • Term 5: The Kingdom of God

  • Term 6: Principles of Leadership

  • Term 7: Effective Pastoring

  • Term 8: Cross-Cultural Mission

  • A week of holiday is added.


Term 9

 Field Internship