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Residential Int'l

The residential training school is set up in a nine-month format with eight months of academic terms and several weeks of practical field internship. Residential ROAR graduates who complete all requirements earn an Associate Degree in Christian Ministry or Intercultural Studies.

Each term, five courses are completed with a progressive ministry focus including studying Old and New Testament Bible Survey. A Friday morning extended prayer/worship time precedes the class. English lessons, guitar, computer proficiency, etc.). Friday afternoon, students participate in weekly outreach or practical ministry lab.


Semester 1

  • Term 1: Intro to Ministry

  • Term 2: Life of Prayer

  • Term 3: Disciplines of the Christian Life

  • Term 4: Theology


Semester 2

  • Term 5: The Kingdom of God

  • Term 6: Principles of Leadership

  • Term 7: Effective Pastoring

  • Term 8: Cross-Cultural Mission


Term 9

 Field Internship