Much like the Log College of the 1700s, theROAR was birthed out of a desire and need to train a growing number of our leaders’ sons and daughters for ministry. In January 2008, theROAR began as Living Stones School of MInistry with eight full-time students eager to be equipped as Christian leaders. After graduating our first class in August of 2009, we were given exempt degree-granting status from the state of Indiana and began offering a two-year Associate degree in Practical Theology and Mission (Intercultural Studies) as Living Stones Bible College.

In September of 2012, we began our nine-month accelerated course of study, theROAR. This year of mentoring, ministry, and mission includes all of the courses, mission labs, and overseas internship in the two-year program but at an accelerated pace.

In the last six years, theROAR-International has been birthed in eight countries.