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LeadersROAR Application Form

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Legal Name
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Preferred Name
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Date of Birth
*18-20 year olds may be considered under special recommendation
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For Married Applicannts
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Date of Marriage
Name - Gender - Age - Living with you?
List high school, college, and other institutions of higher education you have attended. Name - City, State - Dates - Attended - Degree Earned
List employment for the past five years. Name - City, State - Dates - Employed Type of Work
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In case of an emergency, whom should we contact? *
In case of an emergency, whom should we contact?
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Pastor's Information
For Pastoral Recommendation
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Pastor's Name
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Spiritual Inventory
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Senior Pastor's Name
When did you accept Christ as your personal Savior? *
When did you accept Christ as your personal Savior?
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Approximate Date
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Approximate Date
Approximate Date
Personal Assessment *
Personal Assessment
Please assess the following in yourself: (Strongly Disagrees – poor; Disagree – fair; Neutral – good; Agree – very good; Strongly Agree – Outstanding)
Spiritual maturity
Devotion to Christ
Personal integrity
Willingness to serve
Willingness to learn
Interpersonal relationships
Family life
Ability to work with others
Communication skills
Leadership skills
Physical health
Purpose, Calling and Gifts
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